Karyn is 8 years old and this will be her 5th year participating in the Walk N Roll.  The walk is a special day that she looks forward to seeing all the supporters she and others with Spina Bifida have. She truly feels like it is a day that celebrates all of the trials that she has overcome. This year has been a tough one for Karyn. She was in the hospital twice, her dad had two major surgeries, and her Papa that lived with us passed away. But she is a very resilient child and can find good in not so good situations.  Thanks to the SPINA BIFIDA ASSOCIATION OF INDIANA, she was able to go to Camp Riley for the first time. This was her first 6 day overnight camp and thanks to Riley we could feel at ease letting her go. They have nurses, doctors, and trained counselors with them the entire time to take care of the special needs necessary for her care. For this week, she could just be a happy kid, who could do all the things she likes without worry. She also got to try new things. Thanks to the donations received from supporters like you, she was able to go the camp fully paid for by the Spina Bifida Association of Indiana. Helping pay for camps is just one of the many things that the association helps with. We are grateful for being apart of this community.

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